What Does Battery Acid Look Like? What Does Battery Acid Look Like?

Battery acid is generally made of a lead composition. It has been around for well over 100 years. It is used in batteries to store the energy. The solution is also made up with sulfuric acid and water. Sometimes as batteries age, they start to leak. If you detect battery acid from your battery, it is time to throw it out. Here is what you should look for.

The Color of Battery Acid

Battery acid is usually an oily dark color. Battery acid, although dark, has translucent properties.

How Battery Acid Feels

Rub battery acid between two fingers or between your thumbs, it will feel slippery and wet.

Signs of Corrosion

Another tell tale sign that you are looking at battery acid is by signs of corrosion around the slippery surface. As battery acid comes into contact with other metals, development of corrosion will be apparent.

Signs of Wood Destruction

If the battery acid has leaked onto a wood surface, your wood will begin to discolor. Left long enough, the battery acid will completely strip the finish to your wood surface.

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