What Fish Fertilizer Is Best For Vegetative Growth?

While fish emulsion based fertilizers are great for flowering, a hydrolyzed fish fertilizer is best for vegetative growth—that is, the growth of edible vegetables. Since the hydrolyzation process leaves more nutrients in the fish as it’s processed into fertilizer, in turn it provides those nutrients to your plants and, ultimately, to you.

No Need for Plant Food

A great part about using hydrolyzed fish fertilizer is that plant food isn’t necessary to add to your soil. Too many nutrients can harm your vegetables, and as a result, you might not have as fruitful of a harvest as you had anticipated from the amount of seeds you planted.

Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer Saves Money

The best part of all about using hydrolyzed fish fertilizer for vegetable growth, in addition to giving you a more abundant harvest, is the money you save from not having to add plant food or other supplements to your garden. You can save up to $200 a year not purchasing plant food. 

Also, you can save money on your grocery bill because of the bounty you can reap from your garden, through canning, pickling, and eating your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Ultimately, the best fish fertilizer types for vegetation all across the board are hydrolyzed fish fertilizers. It is recommended that you use it whenever and wherever you can, as it’s the healthiest and most frugal supplement you can give to your homegrown food.