What Game Room Supplies Do Kids Enjoy? What Game Room Supplies Do Kids Enjoy?

Your game room supplies can make or break a rainy day for your kids. While a simple TV attached to the latest Playstation or Xbox can hold their attention for hours, such a setup is not always in the family budget, nor is it advisable on a steady basis. Luckily the old-fashioned games are still popular with kids and having the basics on hand is neither expensive nor difficult.

The Room

For the kids, the game room doesn't need to be elaborate. Basically, it needs a sturdy table and chairs, preferably set up permanently, but if space is an issue comfortable folding or stacking chairs are fine. Make sure the table is large enough for any of the games you have. Monopoly is a good guideline. If you can set up Monopoly with four players, the table is big enough. You should have shelving to store the games on, or if there is a closet in the room, you can put shelves there. Lighting should be bright enough to prevent eyestrain while playing. Provide lots of paper and pens or pencils, and a small easy-to-use calculator to help with scoring. A small electronic kitchen timer solves the problem of forgetting to check the hourglass timer that comes in many games. If Scrabble is one of your games, at least one paperback Scrabble dictionary is a must.

Card Games

Make sure there are a couple decks of regular playing cards and a rule book for card games and solitaire games for various age levels. Specialized games with fun cards–classics include Mille Bornes, Rook, and Uno–can be found at most department stores or even pharmacies.

Dice Games

You can also keep a small container of dice and a book of dice games for reference. Dime stores often sell individual dice in several colors to make it more fun. If you have dice, you need only buy the score pads for Yahtzee or Triple Yahtzee to bring those games into the mix. Keep a few extra dice on hand as well to replace those lost from board games.

Board and Table Games

No child should grow up without Monopoly (the basic game is often less than $10), Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit (Young Players version, of course). Other games kids enjoy include Headache, Trouble, Checkers (and sometimes Chess), Parchesi, Aggravation, and Sorry. For the little ones, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Operation are good basics. For a change of pace, you can provide a box of dominos. 


For quieter times, a supply of puzzle books is never a bad idea. Crosswords, Searchwords, Sudoku, and Logic Puzzles are all excellent diversions if a child feels less than sociable for awhile. Jigsaw puzzles can provide enjoyment for both individuals and small groups. Just make sure the puzzles are rated in difficulty appropriate for the age groups, but not so low that the kids will outgrow them very quickly. 

Where to Look

You needn't break the bank to outfit a game room. Secondhand stores often have games and puzzles on sale for literally pennies (though you should try to inspect the games before buying) and eBay often has hard-to-find games on auction.

It may be hard to believe, but kids can entertain themselves with just a little urging. What to do when the kids won’t clean up the game room is up to you!

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