Building Permits Are Crucial to Every Home Renovation

If you decide to renovate your home without obtaining the necessary building permits, it may have little effect in the short term. You may do the job safely and correctly. Were you to have the home inspected after the fact, your work may be indistinguishable from code requirements; however, problems could arise when you wish to sell the home.

Selling Without Building Permits

When you put your newly remodeled home on the market, the majority of prospective buyers will hire an inspector to look over the various systems in the home. If there has been any major renovation completed without permits, the inspector will likely indicate this fact to the potential buyer.

As the homeowner, you could end up having problems selling the home simply because there is no paper trail of the work you completed. At worst, it could tell the potential buyer that something could be seriously wrong with the house. They may wish to retract their offer. Building without building permits makes it harder for you to sell the home.

Legal Repercussions

Regulatory agencies could cite you retroactively for not purchasing the appropriate building permits for the work you did on your house. Because of this possibility, you should obtain the necessary permits before you renovate your home. The purpose of such a permit is to ensure uniform safety and construction methods.