What Is a Captain's Bed? What Is a Captain's Bed?

A captain's bed got its start on ships and boats where space was more important than comfort. The captain's bed as we know it has evolved greatly. The following article will help to get you to understand what a captain's bed is.

Firm Sleeping

A captain's bed is essentially a sheet of plywood that replaces a box spring. The mattress is placed on top and is held there by sides that are shorter than the width of the mattress. The comfort of the captain's bed is dependent on the comfort of the mattress.


On a boat, the captain's bed was all about space. They were stacked to save room, but nowadays, the captain's bed has evolved into a bed that rests on top of drawers or a dresser.


A captain's bed is best produced out of wood that is not only beautiful to look at but is also sturdy. It needs to stand up to the weight of one or two individuals as well as be able to hold the items you have in storage.


A captain's bed saves space in a room by providing storage under the bed. You can find a captain's bed in any size you need.

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