What Is a Centrifugal Extractor Fan?

Using a centrifugal extractor fan to remove unpleasant odors and fumes from the air is beneficial for homes. If your home requires more ducts to extract air from the living space, and move it outside, a centrifugal fan is designed to overcome this distance problem.

Definition of Centrifugal Extractor Fan

A fan that is setup to overcome the air diffusion problems that can be caused by long distances of duct work. It utilizes centrifugal force to improve extraction, without being affected by the space that the exhausted air has to travel through.

Installation Uses

A centrifugal extractor fan can be used in a kitchen or bathroom. It is typically installed in a ceiling. Since it is capable of handling long distance duct work it is perfect for an internal room that has a great distance from the ceiling to an external outlet.

  • Kitchens are usually on external walls, however if a cook top is centrally located on an island, then a centrifugal fan may be a useful second exhaust system. It can be used in conjunction with a cook top exhaust fan to help remove fumes from the area. 
  • Bathroom: If you have an internal master bathroom, a centrally located, or a large bathroom then using a centrifugal extractor fan will help with removing excess odors and humidity from the airspace.