What is a Chemical Radiator Flush?

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You can order a radiator flush at a garage or buy a radiator flush kit and execute a chemical flush at home. A radiator flush is essentially a method of cleaning the cooling apparatus of an automobile. Most coolant-cleaner solutions aren’t able to clean the debris that is often deposited in the coolant conduit of a car. In such cases, using a radiator flush is recommended. Also called a chemical flush, it is capable of dissolving the engine rust and any kind of chemical scaling. The radiator flush kit consists of a particular chemical that is poured into the radiator instead of the coolant. Thus, the chemical travels through every part of the car that is accessible to a coolant. This helps to clean the concentrated chemical deposition that are commonly associated with the radiator and other components like the hoses and water-pump.

Radiator Flushing Precautions

When executing a chemical flush, you should follow the packaged instructions. Pouring excessive amount of flushing chemical can cause unwanted chemical deposition. Before flushing the car, remove the coolant and store it in a tightly-capped plastic container. Always wear basic protective gear since the chemical can damage the skin.

You should understand that radiator flushing is essentially a preventative, car-maintenance aid and not a curative one. If your car still shows signs of heating-up too quickly, deeper issues like damage to the radiator or the coolant section is indicated.