What is a Coffeemaker Carafe?

A coffeemaker would be almost pointless without its trusty coffeemaker carafe. Without the carafe, the coffee would have nowhere to drip into and there would be no way to serve it to others. Keep reading for a basic description of a carafe.


A coffeemaker carafe is usually made from glass, but can often be made out of the more durable and insulating stainless steel. The side of the carafe will usually have cup measurements that correlate to the measurements of the water carafe in the coffeemaker. The carafe will feature a handle for easy pouring, as well as a removable lid that allows coffee to drip into it while it is being brewed.


The carafe is both used to catch the coffee as it is being made and to serve the coffee once it is ready. The carafes are designed to be attractive and practical, so you can bring it out to the table and allow guests to serve themselves as they desire.

Thermal Carafes

Stainless steel carafes will keep your coffee hotter for a longer period of time. They are also more durable, allowing you to worry less about shattering your carafe.