What Is a Compressor Drain? What Is a Compressor Drain?

Air compressors are a key component of any do-it-yourselfer's toolkit and proper care and maintenance such as using the compressor drain to remove built up moisture will ensure that your compressor lasts longer and works when you need it.

Condensation Causes Corrosion

During use, an air compressor will create moisture and condensation that settles at the bottom of the compressor tank. Depending on how much you use the compressor and how much humidity there is in the ambient air, enough condensation can collect at the bottom of the tank and eventually cause problems. Along with water, the condensation that collects at the bottom of the tank typically consists of lubricants, dirt, and other corrosive substances. Left to settle there for too long, it will cause rust and can even weaken the tank walls to the point of rupturing.

Solution - Drain after Each Use

Properly draining the condensation from your air compressor after each time you use it is the only way minimize corrosion. Most air compressors have a manual compressor drain valve. Be sure to tilt the compressor tank so that the drain valve is at the lowest point and that all the condensation is able to drain out of the tank. Get into the habit of using the compressor drain to remove the built up condensation after each user.

Automatic Compressor Drains

Depending on the value of your compressor, you may want to invest in an automatic compressor drain that releases a small blast of air out of the drain valve every time the compressor turns off and on releasing the condensation and corrosive materials.

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