What Is a Dielectric Union Pipe Fitting?

A dielectric union fitting is one which is often used in water supply lines, and other connections which require an adapter to be placed between two different pipes. The adapter is used to connect pipes of different types together, for example a copper pipe and iron pipe. The adapter serves to hold both pipes together, preventing leaking and other kinds of damage.

Why Use a Dielectric Union Fitting?

A dielectric union pipe fitting is designed to hold two types of metal pipe together, without actually soldering them. With a copper and an iron pipe, this is necessary as the combination of metals under solder could produce galvanization, leading to corrosion and failure of the pipe. Dielectric union fittings provide a plastic bar between the two pipes, breaking the galvanized current and preventing the pipes from corroding. This helps to preserve the pipes for a longer period of time, and also avoids accidental creation of electricity.

In addition to this, the dielectric union pipe can also serve as a quick pipe union joint. A coupling of two pipes would require welding, or rotation through a thread coupling which would involve turning the pipes together. With a dielectric union pipe, you can join the pipes together quickly, and also release them quickly.