What Is a Drop Saw?

An electrically-powered version of a manual miter saw, a drop saw is primarily used in finish carpentry when precisely angled cuts are required. It is an electric miter saw, also known as a chop saw. A drop saw makes smooth angled crosscuts in order for you to accurately build wood frames and put wood trim and molding together. 

Components of a Drop Saw

A drop saw consists of an 8- to 12-inch blade positioned vertically. A handle with a trigger and safety button is attached to its casing. The base of a drop saw consists of a plate or bed on which the material to be cut rests. Adjacent to and behind the plate is a fence which secures the material.


On the plate is a 180-degree grid with hash marks for each and a toggle jutting out the front. When you loosen the toggle, the entire blade and handle rotates to the angle of choice. When you tighten the toggle, the blade can make a precise cut at a specific angle. 



Drop saws are convenient tools to make quick crosscuts at 90 degrees, in addition to making angled cuts. Because the blade is only so wide and not free to move over a particular material, the size of the wood it can cut is limited. But for making angled cuts in relatively thin pieces of wood, this saw has no equal.