What is a Flapper Valve? What is a Flapper Valve?

A flapper valve is a component used in the toilet tanks. The flapper valve is made out of rubber and is the flush valves moving fixture. It facilitates the water to move in and out of the tank when the flush is used. It is located at the bottom of the toilet tank.


When damaged and left unmonitored the flapper valve could lead to tremendous amount of water being wasted. The flapper valve can lose its functionality due to the wear and tear and also due to the chemicals that are used. With time the flapper valve deteriorates and looses the tight grip that it has over the tube. A poor flapper valve could lead to a loss of 200 gallons of water every day and thus increasing your water bill. Hence it is of utmost importance to check the condition of the flapper valve once in a year.


The best way to determine if the flapper valve is causing any leaks is to add drops of dye into the tank. If you see the dye in your toilet bowl then it is an indication that there is a leak in the flapper valve.




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