What is a Hardiboard Siding

If you are interested in adding some siding to your home, then you may be considering hardiboard siding. Also known as hardy board, or hardiplank, this type of siding is made of clapboard, or lap siding. When you are fitting hardiboard siding, you should be aware that it contains quite a lot of silica and other dust, and you may need to protect yourself against inhaling this dust when you are using the board. Before choosing this board, you may want to know more about it, and the benefits and advantages which you can get from hardiboard siding.

The Hardiboard Siding

This type of siding often comes available in laps, or fitting connected boards. The hardiboard laps will each have one edge which is slightly thicker than the other. This thick edge is designed to allow the board to better manage rainwater, as the rain is directed towards one side of the board. You can also find several different types of hardiboard siding, from vinyl-like siding which look as though they were made from plastic or similar materials, to the very rough texture which looks more like wood. Whichever type of siding you use, you will have to protect it before installation in order to ensure that it does not rot.

Advantages of the Hardiboard Siding

There are a few good reasons why you should consider installing a hardiboard siding around your home. Hardiboard resembles wood products, and is often made from wood, but is considerably cheaper than plain wood siding. The board is made from a combination of cement and fiber, which is bound together. This makes it appear like a wood product, but is much more resistant to fire damage and water penetration. Lap siding is often made from cedar or redwood, which are very durable and long lasting woods which are particularly resistant to types of decay. The hardiboard is also resistant to animal infestation and particularly termite and wood wasp holes, which can cause a siding to be ruined in a matter of weeks. Hardiboard siding is also useful as it requires little in the way of maintenance, and can last for a very long time with only minimal care such as painting or spraying.

Fitting the Hardiboard Siding

If you feel like you want to install your own siding, then hardiboard is also very good for this. You should be able to fit a great deal of this siding without having to call in outside help. If you have bought the boards as laps, then you will need to buy enough boards to fit each lap with 2 inches of overlap. You should begin by securing the lower boards, and then work up to the top, so that each board is covered by the board above it, and the nails hidden from view. You can also paint your board once you have finished, since it takes a coat of paint quite well.