What Is a Hot Tub Blower?

hot tub with fountain of water pouring into it

A hot tub air blower is used to inject air into the hot tub via jets. It provides a therapeutic massage of water that defines the spa experience for many spa users.

How a Blower Works

A hot tub blower is a component of the spa that uses forced air to create bubbling in the hot tub. The air is channeled through jets which are holes in the side of the hot tub. Some have directional nozzles and others are stationary. They are placed in different positions and at different heights to provide a pleasant massage to the user.


There are a couple of problems with blowers. One is that they cool down the water temperature so it takes energy to keep reheating the water. There are also concerns about the jets being a place where bacteria can accumulate. Some users feel that they are too loud. Others don’t feel they have had a good hot tub experience without the jets of water.


A hot tub blower is an inexpensive part of the spa plumbing. Many manufacturers suggest that if you have a problem with the blower and you need to replace the motor, that you replace the entire blower instead.