What is a Ledger Board?

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Ledger board is a structural member that is mounted to a vertical frame. Usually, its size is 2" by 10" or 2" by 12" piece of sturdy lumber. Also called a ribbon board or strip, the ledger board is used to attach the deck to the frame of the house. It provides a strong and solid surface where floor joists, posts, and deckings can be attached.

Structural Support

For most decks, the ledger board carries the weight and acts as a primary support beam. Therefore, it is very crucial for ledger boards to be properly positioned and firmly attached to the house. Ledger boards are not usually notched, because it will weaken its structural integrity. They are mounted in one whole piece using lag screws and bolts.


When installing ledger boards using lag screws, moisture the seal to prevent the buildup of moisture. Apply silicone caulk into the pre-drilled holes to seal the hole before inserting the lag screws. Make sure that there are no gaps, and tighten the bolts thoroughly to secure the ledger board.


Inspect the ledger board regularly for any signs of moisture accumulation, rotting, and decay. This will weaken the structural support provided by ledger boards. A deck may fail drastically when the ledger board is not properly maintained.