What Is a Pea Trellis? What Is a Pea Trellis?

A pea trellis is a structure to grow pea vines on, so they will grow upwards and not touch the ground. When peas grow, they produce many long vines, and those vines need something to support them.

Trellises are for Climbing Plants or Vines

A trellis can be made of wood or metal, and is a frame used to support plants that climb as they grow. As the plants start to grow, the new growth is trained to go through the lattice in the trellis, so it is supported by and interweaves with the trellis. Since peas are a climbing vine, a trellis is perfect for growing them on.

Best Trellis for Peas

2 kinds of trellises are most commonly used: freed-standing or frame. The one that is better for a pea trellis is the frame type, which can be made in any shape, and is most always attached to a wall or fence for support. The trellis can be planted into the ground beside the support wall, to give it even more stability.

When growing peas on a pea trellis, you need to make sure that the plants don’t outweigh the trellis, so it needs to be of a sturdy material, and not have too many vines growing on it. The trellis can be decorated by painting the wood or other means.

A pea trellis is a necessary structure to grow peas on, so that the peas produce a better harvest and stay off the ground, where the vines could be ruined.

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