What Is a Plug Valve? What Is a Plug Valve?

A plug valve is a special valve that is composed of a tapered or cylindrical plug than can be turned inside its casing to control the flow of liquids or air. A plug valve has holes on the sides to allow liquid to pass through when the plug valve is open.

Types of Plug Valves

Conical plug valves include a handle connected to the end of the valve to allow better liquid flow control. There are various types of plug valves including the 2-port valve, 3-port plug and multi-port plug valves.

Uses of Plug Valves

Plug valves are found in in various industrial machines that are used in with acidizing, cementing and fracturing. It is also an essential component in oil machines and industrial gas machines that are used in treating and heating raw materials. 

Plug Valve Maintenance

Plug valves are subject to continuous wear and tear since they are exposed to highly corrosive substances. You can repair a leaking or damaged plug valve by welding a fresh metal patch in the damaged areas.

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