What Is a Pre-hung Door?

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A pre-hung door is one that comes with its hinges and frames already attached. It's usually primed and ready for paint. Pre-hung doors can be for interior or exterior use. When you are deciding what kind of door to use in your project, consider these factors.

When to Use a Pre-hung Door

If you're adding a room that includes a new door and frame, a pre-hung door is the easiest way to accomplish your project. All you have to do is fit the frame into place and nail it to the opening. Then you're ready to paint.

New construction will often require a pre-hung door if there isn't anything custom about the moldings.

Exterior door replacements are a good time to consider a pre-hung door, especially if the new door and sidelights will be a different size than the old door. It's much easier to pop the whole assembly into space.

When to Avoid Pre-hung Doors

If you're replacing an existing door in your home and the frame doesn't require any repair, you just need the panel. The hinges are already in place, and you don't need to remove the casing.
If you're changing the moldings in your home and want the door frames to match, you're better off custom building the door frame and then adding the door.

Pre-hung doors are a great way to add a door and avoid the frustration of trying to ensure that it's plumb. If you know when to use them, you can make your project go a lot more smoothly.