What Is a Propane Air Conditioner?

A propane air conditioner may be something you have never heard of before. If you are new to this appliance and are looking for some new information, here is a guide to help you.

Physical Description

A propane air conditioner looks a lot like other air conditioners but smaller and square. They are made of metal and can come in different shades including tan, white, gray and black. There are openings and slots on each side to allow for the circulation and the movement of air. There is also a fan inside as well as propane to help run it.

How it Works

Basically a propane air conditioner is run on propane. The propane helps the air conditioning system to run more smoothly. It also has a fan inside that helps to blow out the air and circulate it around.

The cost of the air conditioner ranges upwards of $700 to about $7,000 depending on the model that you are looking at and which website that you find it on. This information should help you to decide if a propane air conditioner is for you. You can also go on line to check out the different models to see if they are something that you are interested.