What Is a PVC Drain Pipe? What Is a PVC Drain Pipe?

A PVC drain pipe is a white tube that is commonly used by plumbers in their applications. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride pipe, and the PVC drain pipe is otherwise referred to as a PVC pipe. The PVC pipe is used to pass water from one point to another, especially from the roof to the gutters or sewers. It is important to note that a PVC drain pipe is mainly used in draining or removing water and that is not intended for consumption.

Features and Usage

PVC drain pipes are preferred by many plumbers because of their low cost. They are also easy to install, though they may not be as durable as those manufactured using copper. Due to their durability, copper pipes have an edge over the PVC pipes, and this explains their prevalent use. Another use of PVC drainpipes is the transportation of sewage from one location to another. Non-potable water is mainly transported using the PVC pipes.

Leakage and Prevention

There have been concerns that PVC drain pipes are hazardous, as they are prone to leakages, but with time, this has been rectified. As a result, cheap and crush resistant PVC drain pipes that have an edge on the market have been introduced. PVC drain pipes come in various sizes. The 4-inch one is, however, greatly recommended for drainage purposes.

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