What Is a Quartz Infrared Heater?

A quartz infrared heater is something that you may have never heard about before. Here is a little information to help you learn more about the product if you are considering buying one.

Physical Description

A quartz infrared heater looks a lot like a wooden box or an old radio, but just bigger. The wooden box has an opening where the fan blows the heat out of the quartz infrared heater. There is also typically some sort of thermometer and control set on the side of it to allow you to adjust the different settings. Sometimes the heater will come with or you can put on, wheels so that you can move it from room to room in your home.

How it Works

This type of heater is great for giving off the heat exactly when and where you need it. There are infrared heating elements inside of the casing and a fan that helps to circulate and distribute heated air into the room.

This product is great, especially if you are not only trying to heat the area, but also keep the circulation moving and humidity level where you want it. It is also environmentally friendly for those who are looking to make a green step in their life.