What Is a Rain Chain?

A rain chain is an extremely useful addition to the outside of your home. Rain chains are not common and many people have never encountered them before and not know what they are or how useful they can be.

What is it?

A rain chain is a substitute for a downspout on the edge of your home. Most homes have a guttering system which have gutters across the top of the house and a downspout at either end to redirect the rain water. A rain chain simply fits in place of the downspout to direct the falling water away from the house. The chain is thick, about one inch, and it hangs vertical to the side of the house where it is left to touch the ground to make sure water drains away from the home foundation.

How Does it Work?

A rain chain works in a very similar way to a downspout except the water is not free flowing. You will have noticed how rain water will dribble down items which hang perpendicular and gently trickle to the bottom. Rain chains work in the same way and they gently allow the water to travel from your gutters to trickle softly into an area away from the house.