What Is a Sink Aerator?

Though you may be unaware of it, you are likely to find that several, if not all, of the sinks in your home have a sink aerator. Being aware of what the component is and its function will be useful in the event that the need for repair arises.


A sink aerator can be found in the faucet of a sink and is usually located in the tip of it. A kitchen sink sprayer can also make use of the device, but it is often located at the base of the hose.  


The purpose of a sink aerator is essentially to add air to the water before it comes out of the faucet. If it is not in place, the water will come of the faucet in a single stream. The aerator causes the water comes out as droplets, which reduces the amount of splashing that occurs.      


A sink aerator helps to create better water flow in properties that suffer from low water pressure. It also serves as a way to reduce the level of water consumption, as it creates higher water pressure. Due to the aerator spreading the water flow, less water leaves the faucet.