What Is a Squirrel Cage Furnace Blower?

A squirrel cage furnace blower is a type of fans that is found in a furnace. It moves air through the furnace system to heat your house. Squirrel cage furnace blowers fit under the umbrella of centrifugal fans because they are shaped to force air away from the center of the fan. Their shape is similar to a hamster wheel. The blades radiate out from the center of the fan. This shape allows squirrel cage blowers to generate high air pressure when they spin.


Squirrel cage furnace blowers feature a number of different fan blade types in order to produce the correct airflow. The forward blades on the fan will produce the highest amount of airflow, followed by the radial blades behind them. Finally, backward turbo-blades create the lowest amount of airflow.


Squirrel cage furnace blowers also feature a number of different wheels. The F-wheel is the wheel that houses the aforementioned forward blades, while the T-wheel houses the radial blades. The turbo-blades will be located on either the P-wheel or the B-wheel, or both, depending on the model of squirrel cage blower in your furnace.