What is a Sustainable Architect? What is a Sustainable Architect?

The sustainable architect works with a client to design a space for living, working, or a combination of both. The spaces that are designed can function without fossil fuels and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the space and the people living and working there. Learn more about sustainable architects and their methods below.

LEED Certification

Many sustainable architects hold the LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED promotes the use of solar and other alternative energy sources. For example, they work with electricity, capture of rainwater for cleaning and plumbing, geothermal energy for heating and cooling homes and other innovative insulation methods.  

One of the most popular types of sustainable architecture types is Pueblo architecture. This type of architecture uses traditional and alternative materials. The materials that are used are adobe and pumice-crete, they are both lighter than sand-based concrete but just as strong.

Appliances and Alignment

Sustainable architects also include state-of-the-art Energy Star (TM) certified electrical appliances in their projects, to minimize energy consumption.

Homes and office buildings that are precisely aligned with the sun serve as passive solar collectors of both light and heat. This energy can be used to illuminate the building and to heat water for various purposes including room heat and for washing of laundry and people.

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