What is a Tenon Cutter Used for?

Homeowners who take upon woodworking projects should be familiar with the uses of a tenon cuter. A tenon cutter can make various woodworking requirements rather easy. This is best understood by exploring the various uses of a tenon cutter.

Using Handheld or Free-Standing Tenon Cutters: Making Log Furniture

Log furniture is a typical kind of wood furniture wherein the woodworking style is a bit rustic. Instead of joining the lumber in the conventional manner, measured logs are joined in a unique fashion. The logs have an unfinished, raw look to them and exude the authenticity of handmade furniture. Log furniture items include the coffee table, log sofa and chairs.

Tenon cutters are used to make log furniture tools that depend upon using mortise and tenon joints. Here, instead of nailing the logs or using adhesives, one end of the log is prepared to resemble a blunt, sharpened projection. This is often referred to as the shoulder end of the log, the tenon or the peg. This tenon is then inserted into a carved slot of the other log. The slot is called the mortise.

  • The mortise and tenon are measured and cut in such a manner that they fit tightly without the need to hammer or nail them. The joints may be finished with a coating of sealant for durability.
  • The tenon cutter makes the process of creating the rounded pegs or the tenon-ends a lot easier. Tenon cutters have multiple tool attachments that help to shape the tenon according to various size requirements.
  • For finishing the tenon in a more professional manner, tenon cutters offer options. They are sold with various attachments like a drill or routers that help to smooth the tapered end rather easily.
  • The easiest of tenon cutters for making the rounded pegs are the ones shaped like a pencil-sharpener. These are free-standing tenon cutters. Here, the logs are fed into the tenon cutter and the handle of the tenon cutter is rotated in a cyclic fashion.
  • The latest range of tenon cutters also assists in carving the mortise in the logs. Usually every tenon cutter pertains to certain sizes. Thus, they are sold across a wide range, including industrial and home-use specific tenon cutters.

Using High-Powered Tenon Cutters: Making Log Cabins

Using these tenon cutters is beyond the conventional woodworking skills associated with a homeowner. Handling such heavy tenon cutters requires some degree of experience in handling power tools. Unlike handheld tenon cutters mentioned above, high-duty cutters need to be placed in the garage. However, powered tenon cutters are retailed for DIY projects wherein people want to build their log cabins.

Tenon cutters used here offer a wider range of shapes wherein square-shaped pegs can be made. This is vital since some the massive logs used for such projects are often difficult to shape in the usual, tapered outline. These tenon cutters are also sold with a tenon jig arrangement that is easy-to-assemble.

Understanding Utility of Tenon Cutters

The utility of the tenon cutter is understood when the complexity of its alternative is explored. The only alternative is to sharpen the log into a tenon and level it using handheld tools. This is a tedious process and it doesn’t guarantee tight-fitting tenon-mortise joints which can compromise the strength and durability of the log furniture items.