What is a Water Dripper

water dripper is something that all gardeners should make themselves aware of. A water dripper is something that is used to help gardeners properly water their flowers and plants with little effort and no water being wasted.

What it is

Basically, a water dripper is a system of watering plants. The water goes straight into the root of the plant. This will allow for less water to be used. A lot of the time, whenever a plant is being watered from the ground down into the root, a lot of water is needed. Whenever a lot of water is used, the water will have the chance to seep down into the ground to properly get to the root of the flowers or plants. However, much less water will need to be used when the water goes straight into the roots, where they need to be. In areas where there are often water shortages and excessively hot summers, a water dripper is something that should definitely be considered if someone is an avid gardener.

How it Works

A water dripper is often compared to a better working soaker hose. With a soaker hose, the water sprays out every couple of inches. However, with a water dripper, the water can seep out ever foot or more if necessary. Planning will need to be done to get the drips lined up properly with the plants. These water drippers can easily be snapped together. They can also be easily adjusted to grow with your garden. The parts that are needed to build a water dripper can be found at any hardware store or a gardening supply store. It is also a good idea to look into stores that specialize in irrigation systems. There are several different ways to go about building your own water dripper. It is a good idea to make sure to do your homework and ask plenty of questions on the best parts that will be needed for your particular needs.

Additional Benefits

In addition to using a lot less water, there are other benefits that come with using a water dripper that you should know about. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that the plants and flowers will have a much less chance of having mold or bacteria grow on their leaves. Whenever flowers and plants are watered the old fashioned way, the water that is left on the leaves can cause mold to grow and can harm and even kill your plant. There will also be much less weeds in the area because only the roots of the flower are being watered. Whenever there is excess water surrounding the plant there is a better chance for weeds to grow where there is water. Pesticides will not be washed off whenever they have been applied either. There are several other types of benefits that gardeners should consider when thinking about a water dripper.