What is a Wooden Mallet?

A wooden mallet.

A wooden mallet is a general use tool predominantly used in the carpentry professions. Wooden mallets are well known for their lightweight, simple structure and wide availability. They are one of the easiest-to-use tools available.


A wooden mallet has a very simple structure which makes them easy to make and repair. A large block of wood will be shaved down and slightly inverted. It will also have a small rectangular hold running right the way through the center. A wooden handle will fit into this hole and is secured into place with some wood glue.

General Uses

A wooden mallet has a number of general uses. Wooden mallets are used in carpentry for securing pieces of wood together and driving chisels into other wooden surfaces. A wooden mallet is also used to strike and shape various tools and metals. This is because it will not damage the surface of the tool or metal as readily as heavier mallets. The wood also acts as a shock absorber and takes much of the impact. This is usually visible in the presence of dents in the wooden fibers.


Wooden mallets are widely accessible because they are so easy to make. This also means they are very cheap to purchase.