What is a Wooden Window Shutter Screen? What is a Wooden Window Shutter Screen?

A wooden window shutter is a type of window treatment that offers an excellent alternative to drapes and blinds. It can be solid or louvered.

Solid Shutter

A solid wooden window shutter isn’t one single shutter that fits across the entire window. Instead it’s in 2 parts, each one hinged and fitting on opposite sides of the window. Between them, these 2 shutters cover the entire window, meeting in the middle.

The great advantage of a solid shutter is that it blocks out the light. This eliminates the need to have drapes or blinds on the window. A solid wooden window shutter can be painted or stained to match your décor.

Louvered Shutter

A louvered wooden window shutter can block out light, just like its solid counterpart. The great difference is in the louvers. These can be fully opened to let in light, or angled to allow in partial light. In summer, having the louvers just partly open can help keep a room much cooler.

Outside Shutters

Although many wooden window shutters are indoors, you can also find an outdoor wooden window shutter. Again, there will be one on each side of the window, and they’ll be hinged. Most of these are purely decorative.

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