What is an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector? What is an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector?

An evacuated tube solar collector is an expensive collector as compared to the batch solar collector. These heating applications are mainly utilized for industrial heating and can also prove to be a better substitute to the batch solar collectors for domestic heating. This instrument fundamentally consists of a number of rows of glass tubes that are connected to the head of a pipe. Air is then evacuated from each tube in order to eliminate the heat thought radiation and a flat aluminum fin is attached to the metal pipe. 

Evacuated tube collectors end up getting very warm, and can exceed the boiling point of water, causing various issues in the domestic solar system. In order to make sure that the temperature doesn’t overheat the tanks, you need to make use of hot water every day. This will help in ensuring the temperature in the tanks. Two main types of evacuated tube solar collectors like these are the direct flow evacuated solar collector and the heat pipe evacuated solar collector. 

An important thing regarding the evacuated solar collectors which should be kept in mind is that they don’t end up heating up like the batch solar collectors. For example, in the winters, it is quite difficult to remove large quantities of snow which falls on them. This might prove to be very complicated and difficult to remove the snow from the glass tubes without the breakage. Thus, you need to be very careful. But you do not need to worry, because the pipe evacuated heat tubes will not make an impact on the system, but you would only have one tube to heat the water. On the other hand, if the direct flow tube experiences any breakage, then this might cause a huge problem.

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