What Is an Oil Furnace Pump Strainer?

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Many types of oil and gas furnaces include an oil furnace pump strainer. Learn more about the function of the oil furnace pump strainer below.

What Does the Oil Furnace Pump Strainer Do?

The oil furnace pump strainer is a filter inside the oil or gas pump, between the fuel intake pipe and the blower. Its mesh helps purge smaller particles from the oil or gas after it has passed through the oil filter.

How Does the Oil Furnace Pump Strainer Work?

The strainer provides a second level of cleaning for the oil or gas that fuels your furnace. The fuel entering the furnace is, as a result, much cleaner than when it passes through a filter alone, and will burn more thoroughly, producing greater heat for your home.

Do I Need to Clean the Oil Furnace Pump Strainer?

Yes, it should be cleaned once a year when you clean the oil filter. Remove the pump housing cover, and the gasket around the strainer. Immerse the strainer in kerosene to loosen sludge. Scrub the wire mesh gently with an old toothbrush. Check the strainer - if it is intact, put it back into the fuel pump. If the strainer is bent, torn or otherwise damaged, replace it.