What Is Cement Mortar?

Cement mortar is a combination of sand, cement and water. Lime can also be added to the compound, The addition of lime makes the substance thicker. The amount of water added to the mixture depends on the condition of the sand. The sand in the mixture is used to prevent cracks in the final stages of drying. Generally, cement mortar is mixed with the proportions of two parts of sand for every one part of cement. Some mortars also include polymers to give the mortar more flexibility. Mortar begins as a wet compound but becomes dry and hard over time.

Mixing the Mortar

Cement mortar is mixed in a layering format. The first layer of the mixture is sand, which is followed by a proportional layer of cement. The mixture is then combined using a shovel and formed into a crater. The crater is filled with the amount of water required. The sand and cement mixture is then worked into the water.

Mortar Functions

This building compound is used in a number of masonry applications. It is used to adhere brick and concrete blocks together, to plaster over bricks and as a means of setting building components firmly in the ground. It can be tinted or painted.