What is Concrete Mudjacking? What is Concrete Mudjacking?

Concrete mudjacking can fix a sinking concrete slab. If a patio or sidewalk starts to sink or tilt because of soil erosion then the first solution that comes to mind may be replacement. Mudjacking is an easier, less expensive way to remedy the problem.

How it Works

First holes are drill in the slab. Then a hose with a nozzle is put into the hose and it pumps concrete into the hole and under the slab. This helps to level the slab and keep it from cracking or breaking. Then a patch is made over the holes. This process is used to repair driveways, concrete floors, concrete gutters and more. Sometimes mud jacking is used to level a minor foundation problems.


Mudjacking takes just a few minutes to a few hours to complete and the slab can be back in use in a couple of days. This kind of repair also costs less money than replacing the slab,


Not all damaged concrete can be repaired in this way. It takes special equipment and expertise and, therefore, requires a professional contractor.

Concrete mudjacking may be the right solution to concrete problems in your home or landscape and will save you money as well.

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