What is Decomposed Granite?

Decomposed granite is a great choice if you are considering a remodel for your walkway or patio. Here is a little bit of information if you are new to outdoor remodeling. 

Decomposed Granite Composition

Decomposed granite is made from tiny pieces of granite. They can be bigger sized pieces that look like rocks or they can be as small as grains of sand.


You can find a variation of color when it comes to decomposed granite. A pretty typical color is gray, which is used on most driveways and sidewalks. Other colors include brown and tan. You can find other colors however they often come at a higher price and are typically dull.


There are a few different types of decomposed granite that you should be aware of. Resin can be added to some to make the surface harder. This is used a lot for edges. The downside to adding resin to your decomposed granite is that if you have it shipped to you, the price will often be higher. Another add in is a stabilizer. The surface looks loose and cool however the consistency really is more packed together. Many times this type of add in is used when you have a slope or hill.