What is Dimension Lumber? What is Dimension Lumber?

Dimensional lumber is lumber that is uniformly. It is cut in a way that it has homogeneous thickness and deepness. The length may vary, and dimension lumber can be purchased in different sizes as per the project requirement. The size of this lumber would vary according to the laws of the country in which the wood would be sold. In the USA, dimension lumber sizes are commonly seen in 2x4 inches and 2x6 inches. The measurements are made when the wood is rough and not shrunk just before the drying process.  

Generally, softwood boards are available for dimension lumber as they are less expensive for building furniture. However, hardwood boards are also available. Moreover, engineered wood products are also available in dimension lumber. Some of the problems that are faced when using dimension lumber are:

  • Dimension lumber can be attacked by natural forces, fungi, wood pests, seasoning and bacteria.
  • Hardwood boards cannot be used in the summer or spring season as the color of the lumber wood changes.
  • Dimension lumber is dried to a standardized moisture level that could be higher or lower for a particular requirement. If the moisture level is high, the wood would take more time to dry while if the moisture level is low, and the lumber is wet, it would warp and cup as the drying process takes place. 

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