What Is Electronic Waste Disposal?

Electronic waste disposal allows handling of environmental hazardous by products such as cellular phones, pagers, CDs and calculators to be discarded using safe methods. These substances degrade the environment and require responsible methods of disposal. There are safe waste disposal programs in place that are supported by local government and municipalities.

Electronic Waste Pick-up Programs

Electronic devices or equipment that contain cathode ray tubes have small quantities of lead. This is a toxic and harmful compound that can pose risk to health and the environment when exposed to landfills. Such equipments should be disposed carefully. There are waste pick-up programs in different states and counties that offer such services.

Electronic Waste Drop-off Programs

There are manufacturers or companies that offer similar services as well. They collect used or waste electronic devices for reuse or recycling. This prevents accumulation of such wastes in the environment. Individuals are supposed to take waste electronics to certain collection points in the home areas. Old televisions, radios, computers or printers can be dropped off at such points.

Electronic Waste Reuse Programs

This program encourages people to hand down working electronics such as computers, printers, radios, and calculators to schools, homes or to other people instead of discarding or disposing them.