What Is Fireboard?

Fireboard is a commonly used type of drywall that is used in a lot of new construction of office buildings, department stores, and large, elaborate homes. Many people, when remodeling their homes, will use some sort of fireboard in certain areas of their homes. If you are not familiar with what fireboard is, there is some information on this potentially life saving building material.

Water Dense Drywall

One of the special properties of fireboard is that it contains a high level of water within the concentration of gypsum and mortar. This high level of water molecules help to stop the spread of fire as it is released when the fire comes into contact with the wall. This forms a sort of steamy water sprinkler that can drastically slow the progress of fire.

Special Fire Retardant Formula

Along with the higher water density that is found in fireboard, there is also a special fire retardant that slows down the advancing flames. This is instrumental in helping to evacuate the building, or getting fire personnel there to put the fire out.

Protection Relies on Thickness

The fireboard is not going to put out a fire for you. It does do a lot to slow down, and even contain, the fire. The amount of time it can do this is directly related to the actual thickness of the material. The thicker the fireboard, the better the protection.