What is Glazing Putty?

Glazing compound or glazing putty is one of the most easy-to-use constructional and repair materials. It is commonly used in the installation and repair of window glass panes, like when re-securing a displaced edge of an old pane. Glazing putties are made from various materials, including the conventional rubber-based putties and the new caulk-based variety.

Glazing Putty Features

The putty immediately forms a tight seal that keeps-away moisture and doesn’t allow air bubbles to seep into the putty bond. Glazing putties have immense bonding strength. They can form bonds across various surfaces including, glass, wood, metal, plastic and even vinyl surfaces. These putties don’t expand or contract when subjected to extreme temperature changes. Most glazing putties offer years of maintenance-free performance.

Using Glazing Putty

You need to spend some time in getting used to handling the putty. Most first-time users struggle with the sticky nature of the glazing compound. However, the extreme stickiness helps to form a quick bond and makes the putty very flexible. You can easily press upon the putty and push it into hard-to-reach crevices of old, weathered window panes. Contemporary glazing putties are offered in various colors and even have an anti-mold coating.