What is Hurricane Fabric?

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Hurricane Fabric is a very useful type of storm window covering which can be used to prevent wind and rain from entering a property. Hurricane fabric is a major advantage to many people who want to weatherproof their homes, but what exactly is it and how can it be used?

Hurricane fabric is sold under a wide range of different names depending on the company which makes it, it is commonly called hurricane curtains, or hurricane netting. All of these products are practically identical and should all meet the latest building code standards required for hurricane shutters.

What is Hurricane Fabric?

Hurricane fabric is a special type of fabric that is coated in PVC. It is quite thick and is able to block rain, wind, and all sorts of debris that could be blown inside during a hurricane. The fabric is also transparent which allows light to pass through and also makes it possible to see outside from the inside. This is great protection for areas with large windows and little or no protection from hurricanes.

Color Choices

Hurricane fabric is available in a wide variety of different colors and styles. This can be fixed anywhere in your home by using straps grommets and buckles. This means that it's not only suitable for windows, but also for a lot of other uses, including around columns. Choose colors that complement the design and decor of your rooms and look attractive.

Protecting Your Home

Experts have long agreed on the importance of protecting every single entry to your home, unless you protect all of these openings it's likely that the structure of your home will be compromised. This can easily result in the destruction of your house. By securing every opening of your home you will minimize the chances of costly damage to your home.


Unlike most other forms of hurricane shutters, hurricane fabric can be rolled up and stored very easily. You shouldn't have any problem storing hurricane fabric because it doesn't take up a huge amount of space. Aluminum hurricane shutters are very useful, however, these are large sheets of metal that must be stored. Hurricane fabric can be rolled up like any other piece of fabric and safely stored out of the way.

Hurricane fabric can be fixed up at a window within a matter of minutes and removed just as easily. When the fabric is removed there are few signs that the fabric was ever at your window in the first place. If you ever hear reports of a hurricane approaching then it's simply a matter of putting the hurricane fabric up at the window and every other opening of your house.

Protecting Your Property

Time spent now working on the protection of your house is time well spent because you don't need to worry about the possibility of repairs in the future. Protecting your home from hurricanes will reduce the chances of it falling down as a result of storms and hurricanes.