What is RTF Silicone Sealant?

RTF silicone sealants are instant cures you can use for filling gaps, sealing structures, and providing temporary or semi-permanent fixes for gaskets. Basically, this means that it’s designed to become effective in curing as soon as it comes into contact with air. To be more specific, it reacts to the air’s moisture.

Characteristics of RTF Silicone Sealant

Because of its RTF design, this type of silicone sealant works extremely fast, which requires you to work just as quickly if you do not want your sealant to finish curing when you are not yet through with your work.

It is also fluid and chemical resistant, hence making it applicable for various uses and with different types of surfaces and equipment. It can withstand extreme temperature as well and is very much flexible for easy use.

Types of RTF Silicone Sealant

Hardware and DIY stores are sure to offer different types of RTF silicone sealant. They come in various grades and a wide range of applications and prices. It’s important that you choose exactly the right type of sealant for your needs to enjoy maximum use…and you won’t end up paying more than you should.

Specialized RTF Silicone Sealants

One example of this is the high-temperature sealant. This type of silicone sealant was formulated to withstand the highest of temperatures and maintain texture akin to rubber. There’s also the fast-cure sealant, which could cure in two hours’ time, and the self-leveling sealant, which is specifically designed for filling grooves, cracks, or gaps.

Grades for RTF Silicone Sealants

As mentioned earlier on, these sealants come in various grades. If you intend to use this for equipment or applications for food or medication, make sure that your sealant meets quality and safety standards set by the EU and the US Food and Drug Administration.

For more specific and technical applications then how about using a military grade sealant? As its name implies, this type of sealant has been designed for military use and meets their exacting standards.

If you don’t want your use of sealant made apparent, you’ll be glad to know that military grade sealants come in black or white paste. If your equipment or the structure you intend to use the sealant on is of a different color, there’s also the translucent type, which is often applied to aerospace equipment or vehicles as well.

General Purpose RTF Silicone Sealants

For the dedicated hobbyist, a non-acidic sealant is probably the best to use. It works especially well with glass and metal devices or objects and its transparent color will ensure that the object or equipment’s design would not be damaged in any way. They also do not cause steel or aluminum to corrode when applied.

For other basic engineering applications required outside recreational hobbies and crafts, a typical engineering sealant would do.

Diesel-Resistant RTF Silicone Sealants

Finally, there are diesel-resistant sealants, which are obviously intended for automotive use and especially those with diesel engines.