What Is Soundproofing Drywall? What Is Soundproofing Drywall?

If you ever have any problems regarding sounds from your next-door neighbor, you need to install soundproof drywall. You can layer up your walls with the help of an ordinary drywall, and you can take advantage of any sound-dampening products.

Reducing the Vibrations

Noises are like vibrations. Loud music, footsteps, laundry noises and bathroom noises can all be reduced to a tolerable level or can be muted, with the help of soundproof drywall. Soundproof drywall is a reliable noise-decreasing solution for residential and commercial types of construction.

Soundproofing works basically by generating a different transmission of vibrations. The thicker the walls, the less access of sound. Even a thin layer of drywall helps in avoiding these sounds. The measurements of this drywall are usually about 7/8 inches thick.

Applying a Layer of Damping

A wall is soundproofed only when it is above 40 STC. This means that a person standing on one side of the wall will not be able to hear the human from the other side of the wall. Soundproof drywall accomplishes this rating with the assistance of a layer of damping. Fiberglass insulation in the walls can help in stopping more sound and making the wall denser. So on average, a wall with 1/2-inch drywall has an STC of 30. Then an additional drywall layer of 5/8 inch brings the rating up to 38 STC.

Things to Consider Buying

Super Soundproofing products and Pyrotek products are few of the manufactured soundproof wall coverings. You can purchase these products in lumberyards, in home improvement centers and from various insulation contractors.

Adding Weather Stripping

Sealing cracks in the wall, doors and windows also helps soundproof your house. When you add weather stripping to the bottoms of the doors, you lessen the vibrations of sounds.

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