What Is the Average Cost of Building a Sailboat?

The process of building a sailboat can be a highly rewarding project, leaving you with a vessel to be proud of. Prior to beginning the project, it is useful to know what the average cost of building the boat will be to allow you to put a budget in place.


The material that you intend to use will make a difference to the cost when building a sailboat. A material such as fiberglass will often be more costly than wood, especially if you do not use machined wood. The larger the boat that is being built, the more expensive the cost.


Building a sailboat will require a large investment of time and effort, however, you must also consider whether any assistance is required. In the event that you obtain the help of a professional, you need to factor in the fees.   


There are a range of accessories, tools and equipment needed for the building process, which will add to the overall cost.   


When all the work is completed yourself and the cost only relates to the material, you will find that building a sailboat can still vary. It costs anything from $1400 for a small boat to $10,000 for a larger boat.