What is the Best Material to Make a Wooden Wagon's Tongue Out of?

A great toy for any child is a wooden wagon. Building your own wooden wagon is a great starter project for do-it-yourself woodworkers or young kids getting their first taste of power tools and construction. A wooden wagon has long been a toy that children will use no matter what else is in style. With the right materials, the wooden wagon can last for many years. Paying attention to the tongue of the wagon is of special importance. Here is the best material for the job.

Lengths of Oak

One of the sturdiest pieces of lumber is oak. This hardwood is quite strong, can handle stress, and is relatively inexpensive when it comes to building material. The look of oak is also timeless in its character.

Lengths of Hickory

For a little more expensive material, hickory will also make a great material for the wooden wagon tongue. Mostly used in the manufacturing of baseball bats, this sturdy hardwood is harder than oak and needs a little more effort to fashion it into a tongue.

Length of Metal Tube

If you are looking for some design versatility, then a length of metal tubing will also make for a great wooden wagon tongue. Kept painted, the metal material will last for many years for problem free use of the wagon.