What Is the Best Paint to Use on Brass?

brass materials

When you want to paint brass, the job will be much better if you know what kind of paint to use.


You should always use a primer when you paint brass. Remember, brass can oxidize, so a primer will stop air reaching the metal and that will halt he process. More than that, a good primer, such as an epoxy primer, will help the paint adhere well to the brass and your paint job will last longer.


To paint brass, look for a spray paint for metal. This will give the best finish when you paint brass. Don’t attempt to do everything in a single coat. You’ll achieve better results by using several thin coats on the metal.

Be sure to put cardboard behind and under the brass when you paint to stop overspray spreading everywhere. Go slowly and cover every part as you paint brass with the spray paint, and then leave the item to dry thoroughly. After that, apply a thin second coat.

In most instances you should need no more than this. The spray paint for metal will give ideal coverage. Don’t used oil-based paints on brass. You can, however, use an acrylic-based paint for the job.