What is the Best Pillow for a Side Sleeper?

People who sleep on their sides need to be careful about the type of pillow they choose. A poorly chosen bed pillow could cause neck or back pain, whole body aches, a sore ear due to poor weight distribution or even snoring.

Benefits of a Pillow for a Side Sleeper

A bed pillow for a side sleeper provides the correct amount of support for the neck and the body where pressure can be most unevenly distributed during sleep. It can provide an overall better night's sleep allowing the user to wake up feeling more rested and energetic. A pillow for a side sleeper can help with posture, reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches caused by the position of the neck during sleep, as well as sometimes prevent the sinus problems that can cause heavy snoring.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are one of the better choices for the side sleeper because of their softness and flexibility. They mould to the users body hugging the contours of the neck and shoulders to provide maximum support. They hold their shape for years and are also resistant to mites and bacteria.

Down Pillows

Down pillows can also work well for the side sleeper as long as the pillow is extra firm and dense to align the spine and provide proper support for the neck to prevent neck pain.