What Is the Best Starter Motorcycle to Buy?

If you are wanting to begin riding a motorcycle, whether around town or on a trip, you should start out with a starter unit. Purchasing a motor cycle with a lot of power or with several additional features may be tempting, but if you have never ridden one before, too many options may be confusing or even dangerous. Even with narrowing down your options, you can still find a great motorcycle that you will be able to enjoy until you are ready to trade it in for a more advanced model.

Cruiser, Standard or Sport?

You must first decide which kind of motorcycle you would like to ride. There are three main options you can choose from: cruiser, standard or sport. As a beginning rider, it would be safer to go with either a cruiser or a standard motorcycle, even if your goal is to ride a sport model.

While cruisers and standards are better for riding around town or the occasional trip, sport models are made to do quick turns around corners and other than that, are very basic motorcycles. Since going around corners quickly could be very dangerous for a beginner learning to ride, it is better to go with a model that would be safer and more versatile and are easier to use at low speeds, where it is easier to tip the motorcycle over.

Small to Medium Displacement (125-250cc)

Another thing you should look for when purchasing your first motorcycle is ease of use. Small to medium displacement models will be easier to ride, more balanced and lighter. These things will help the rider remain safe while riding, and if involved in a low-scale accident, the repairs on a lighter bike are usually cheaper than a heavier model.

The Seat

As a beginning motorcycle rider, you may want to be able to put both feet on the ground if you are stopped at a traffic light or Stop sign. Motorcycles can be quite heavy and it is easy to lose your balance if you are not used to holding it up with half your body. Select a model where you will be able to sit on your seat with both feet on the ground. Choosing a lightweight model will also help you as you make your transition to riding, as they usually also have a low center of gravity and will be easier to balance. Remember to make decisions that will keep you safe, and do not try to "advance" too quickly, even experienced riders will put both feet on the ground if they feel it is safer.

Other Features to Look For

There are a few other things you should look for that will help you use or maintain your new motorcycle. Though these things may not be available on every entry-level model, they are worth the extra money if you can find them, as they will not need as much maintaining as other models. Look for tubeless tires, self-adjusting valves, aluminum wheels and front and rear disc brakes. These things will keep you safer that if you had a model without them.

As a beginning rider, you should put safety first. There is a lot to learn, and it is best to start with a model that is manageable where you can learn the basics safely. Do not rush the process, take your time and choose your new motorcycle wisely.