What is the best way to mix brick mortar? What is the best way to mix brick mortar?

You've removed crumbling grout from your brick wall and now need to add brick mortar. To do this, you must mix the mortar. Follow the simple steps below to effectively mix your own mortar.

Step 1 - Combine Ingredients

Follow the instructions on your mortar packaging to ensure that you have the correct ratios. One common recipe is:

  • 3 parts construction sand
  • 1 part masonry cement
  • 2 gallons water

Combine all the components in a wheelbarrow, and use a shovel or garden hoe to stir. Continue moving the mixture until all the water is assimilated into it.

Step 2 - Add More Water

Slowly add more water and continue to stir the mixture until your mortar is the right consistency. In the end, the mixture should be slightly thinner than peanut butter.

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