What Is the Best Way to Reinforce a Creaky Stair Banister?

A staircase.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-30

It is not difficult to effectively reinforce a creaky stair banister. You can do so by following these steps.

Step 1 - Use Anchors

First, if you have access to the banister from beneath, it is a good idea to drive a series of anchor screws into the base of the banister rails.

Step 2 - Use Wood Glue

Next, using good wood glue, determine the spots where the creakiness is the worst and insert wood glue underneath the rail to set the banister.

Step 3 - Use a Dowel

If needed, provided you have access from underneath, you can often fix the creakiness with a wooden dowel, a drill, and glue. Be sure to use good wood clamps to ensure that the creak doesn’t come back.