What is the Difference Between a Daylight CFL and a Nightlight CFL

There are several different types of CFL bulbs on the market today for consumers to try out in their home. Two of these, the daylight CFL bulb, and the nightlight (or the warm light) CFL bulb, are the most common found in homes today. However, they both serve different functions in the light that they provide.

Daylight CFL Bulbs

One of the great things about the Daylight type of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb is that they are much more brilliant than ordinary fluorescent bulbs. This type of CFL will bring out colors more vibrantly, especially on things like clothes, furniture, food, and other personal items, as if they are out in the natural sun. The Daylight CFL bulb is great for use in the kitchen, eating area, basement and workshop.

Nightlight CFL Bulbs

Otherwise known as "warm light" light bulbs, the Nightlight CFL light bulbs produce a warmer light that is easier on the eyes. After a long day in brightness, this type of light gives the eyes a rest and helps the body to relax. They are more like the light that comes from the traditional type of fluorescent light, but in a compact form. Many people use the nightlight in bedrooms, dens and areas where they want to get away, read, and just relax.