What is the Difference Between a T8 Light and a T5 Light What is the Difference Between a T8 Light and a T5 Light

By inference you might think that the T5 light is an older version of the T8 but actually the number 5 refers to the diameter of the lamp which is 5/8 of an inch. The T means tubular. Hence a T5 is a tube-shaped lamp that is more compact than the other kinds of fluorescent lights. It is also one of the longest lasting lighting products in the market and is a very efficient source of light.

T5 and T8 Lights Compared

The T5 has a diameter of 5/8-inch while the T8 comes in 1-inch diameter. The T5 can outlast a T8 light by around 5000 hours. Whereas the T8 has been used satisfactorily in terms of the light it emits, the T5 gives homeowners a more energy efficient option in lighting. You may need to have a retrofit conversion if you are switching to T5 though.

T5 Energy Efficiency

A T5 light is only 35 watts but it can give the same amount of illumination as a T12 which is 58 watts. A T8 light can last for 9000 hours and lose around 20 percent of its light output in its lifespan. A T5 on the other hand can last up to 15,000 hours and loses only 5 percent of its light output.

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